Nairobi Aviation College is a mover and shaker in the tertiary institution arena. We offer quality training to our clients both in and outside the industry, for career fulfillment or advancement.

We desire to stand out of the crowd and be a unique brand that strives to not only train but touch the hearts and lives of our students. We aspire to leave a footprint in the society and be remembered for having taken steps to build our country at large.

In this line, we have sponsored over 2000 students with over 200 newly sponsored students joining in July 2021.

Through the “LIPA FEE POLE POLE” initiative, we make it possible for students to achieve dreams that seemed farfetched without the bridge that we as the Nairobi Aviation fraternity offer.

Let the banner fly high.

Long live NAC.

Profession is power!

Nairobi Aviation Card

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