Nairobi Aviation Christian Union

Christian Union

The Christian Union is on its way to achieve its vision “TO BRING UP A HOLISTIC GENERATION.”  We believe Gods word is power, the Christian Union is creating a sober, conducive environment as far as good morals, discipline, spiritual competence and the Christian faiths concerned.

We really appreciate the efforts of the college chairman Mr.Peter Manyuru, the entire management, for the support and relay mechanisms put in place for the progress of the Christian union in the college.

The Union core duty is to nurture student’s spiritual potential through praise and worship, intercessory, bible study classes and a team of preachers. As the Bible records, blessed is the nation whom the Lord is their God; we organizes mission to various places within the nation where students preach, sing and get a chance to exercise their spiritual gifts. We are also connected to various Christian based Organizations like the Kenya Student Christian Fellowship [KSCF] and the Strong City over comers [SCO]. “Do not be lucking zeal …” Romans 12:11 so does the bible says.

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