Student Council

Student council is made up of members that are elected by students in each level including the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary general, treasurer, sports coordinator, speaker, programme representatives and foreign student representatives assisted by head of department and class representatives. The overall goal of this council is to represent each level and a student as a whole and provide leadership for the student body.

message from the student council chairman
    The major role of the student council is to listen to the students' problems so that we can move all in one boat as the aviation college family.We can only achieve this by working with the staff and the management so as to come up with effective solutions to the rising issues.Through this we can encourage the students to speak up and be open in matters relating to their being in Nairobi Aviation college.
    The student council is dedicated to ensuring the harmony between the various clubs, organizations and sports
teams improve on their co-curricular activities since this will improve the diverse talents of the students fraternity.
    Through collective bargain with relevant authorities, we can also outsource for attachments,internships and
placement positions for the deserving students.We shall ensure that our academic roles are appreciated within and
outside college for his is the prime thing in our lives.
Lastly, let me take this chance to thank all students for giving us this chance to serve them.We will not fail you.


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