Office Human Resource Manager


 It feels magnificent to be part of this vibrant institution with affluence of potential to becoming the prime college in the region. As a growing institution, I have always faced vast challenges but as enshrined in my office motto, “speak less listen more.” I have at all times countered these challenges and bowed them to great prospect and as a stepping stone to creating solid foundation for a fairy tale of our institution


As an experienced qualified manager, I have always adopted latest administrative skills. I have integrated the labour market requirement and blended both public and private structure of management to ensure our institution has top proficient and competent professionals. This has enabled my office to go for the right citizens for the right post.

 I would wish to reiterate my office commitment in working closely with the commission for higher education, ministry of labour and other relevant government agencies coupled with our conditions for the vision 2030 to fully transform our institutions as centers of excellence. This has now become practical as we witness the phenomenal growth of the number of our group of colleges within the country.

I have internally trained my staff, created an enabling working environment, enhanced proper and reliable communication. I have also motivated the staff by putting our local practice in place to see it to the standards and quality of higher education is upheld and even enhanced to ensure our college produces graduates who are well trained to take up key roles in propelling industrialization and provide the necessary human capital towards the realization of vision 2030 as one of our strategy plans.

I commit to ensure Nairobi Aviation College becomes a globally competitive centre of excellence in training the best professionals and innovators.

Put God first and “Never underrate simple mistakes, speak less, listen more.”

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