Office of The Academic Registrar

Though some people equate merit with intelligence-plus-effort, its possessors well identified at an early age and selected for appropriate intensive education, with obsession in quantification, test-scoring and qualifications; we shall be right and in line with our destiny.

The academic registrar deals with a number of duties especially concerning the administration of academic affairs and reviewing of the academic calendar and the curriculum of Nairobi Aviation. In addition, we are also responsible for counseling the students to make correct career choices that leads them to fly high above the sky.

Career choice has  been a challenging issue especially for the high School   graduate who for one reason or another didn’t receive enough guidance and counseling about the choice of the correct career that  matches with their talents  and the current  job  market.

This  gives us a very  clear  indication that Nairobi Aviation College don’t give leap services to the students, but ensure what they receive is extra ordinary with the students expectations. This can be noticed under the recent review of the Colleges curriculum that have witnessed the introduction of the  common course that not only suites students  for  the job   market, but  prepares them to  be their own  bosses in future and not just to rely on  the white color   jobs, but develop skills into profitable ideas.

If a  student decide to change the course, that’s not a big a problem since both parties will be involved and be fully informed over the student’s decision. If incase the student has such a decision, it don’t occur promptly.

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