Kahawa House Branch

Kahawa House BranchNairobi Aviation College was established in 1999 to offer aviation related courses to the Kenyan population in a bid to supplement government effort in technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurial training.

The college is fully registered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology and our training programmes are always validated by the Commission for Higher Education and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. The college has highly qualified lecturers in various careers with teaching experience of more than five years.
Our Vision

To be a center of academic and professional excellence both locally and internationally.
Our Mission

To produce competent market driven graduates who are conscious of and responsive to the dynamic challenges in the society.
Our Philosophy

Every profession has the ability to empower.
Our Motto

Profession is power
Our Goals

  1.         To help prepare graduates who can demonstrate professionalism in employment, research and technological innovation.
  2.         Strive to maintain quality in vocational, technical and entrepreneurial training oriented to economic development and to the Goverment's Vision 2030
  3.         To collaborate widely with other institutions of higher learning in areas of training, research and social-economic development for the benefit of our students and national development.
  4.         To offer quality and affordable education to the members of our society hence supplementing government effort in training and development of skilled human resource.
  5.         To nurture talents among the youth through co-curricular activities in a bid to preserve culture and heritage.
  6.         To become an institution of higher learning with international reputation in learning, training, and research.

Our clients

Majority of our clients are people who have completed O level education and are pursuing careers in given trade areas such as aviation, engineering, journalism, ICT, tourism and so on. We have also clients who are already professionals in different areas and are working, but they only come for further studies as their nature of jobs may demand.

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