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Wednesday, 07 January 2015 09:32

2018 intake in progress

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We are please to announce 2018 intake for all courses on offer. To apply, just give us a call and we will get back to you

Sunday, 03 November 2013 12:29

New improved gallery is here!

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We have improved our photo gallery to a new state-of-art design. check it here

Transzoia County upbeat as Proposed Africa Aviation University slated to begin operations

By Correspondent

The fact that education is a human right and the primary agent of transformation towards sustainable development aimed at increasing people's capacities to transform their visions for society into reality has precipitated the need for University education today.

Residents of Kitale are upbeat and waiting with bated breath ahead of the establishment of Africa Aviation University, one of its own kind in the larger Transzoia County.

The University whose seat will be Twiga Farm, 1.5km from Mowlem shopping Centre along the Kitale-Suam Road is expected to be a major driver of economic development in the area once established.

According to area residents, the coming of the university to the area is a blessing in disguise as this is likely to open the area's accessibility, job creation and among all bring essential services to the area.

“Our community welcomes this great idea because we expect the university to spur development by opening accessibility to the area in terms of the road network, rising of living standards as jobs will be provided, enhancement of research and above all the community will also boast of pilots.” Says Mr. Wafula, a professional in Kitale who hails from the area.

Africa Aviation University comes at a time when the areas' development record is far below par as compared to other areas of the Transzoia County.

An issue that Dr.Vundi, Co-ordinator Proposed Africa Aviation University reckons with, saying that the establishment of the University is expected to “create a and attract the finest talent, support current business and industry, improve learning and teaching from pre-school through graduate school, take strong and visible roles in regional initiatives, disseminate research and promote technology transfer, enhance the technology infrastructure, promote livable communities, employ a diverse workforce among other.”  

According to the areas opinion leaders' especially professionals, politicians, the church and educationists all agree that the community cannot resist such a noble idea, as it stands to benefit a lot.

Mr. Nyukuri Mulati who works with the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) in-charge of Post Secondary Schools Institutions (PSSI) says the “establishment of a University in the area is instrumental in raising the economic development of the region by designing cutting-edge technologies which result in new products, businesses, and jobs.”

“The university is also likely to supply advanced technology for use by the region, providing technology instruction to create a skilled workforce, addressing the digital divide for targeted areas and populations and creating e-learning and innovative delivery to expand access to education,” adds Mr. Nyukuri.

The planners for the establishment of the University contend that the idea to establish Africa Aviation University was born back in 2001 by the sponsor.

Africa Aviation University is expected to begin training in the following areas namely; Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering and Bachelor of Information Systems in the First Phase of training.

Mr. Eric Pampula, the Chairman the Proposed University Working Team, an outfit working on the Proposal to establish Africa Aviation University says that plans are at an advanced level.

“The idea to establish a University was born in 2001 and when Nairobi Aviation College (NAC), the Proposed Africa Aviation University precursory institution was registered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The idea to further in training on Aviation related courses was motivated by the fact that in the entire African continent; there was no training institution on Aviation related courses and to develop the Aviation Industry,” agrees Mr. Peter Manyuru who is the Sponsor of the Proposed University.

“We (Proposed University Working Team) are at an advanced level in putting in place modalities for the establishment of Africa Aviation University. Twiga Farm, the seat of the University is abuzz with activity as renovation works of existing buildings and construction of new buildings is going on.” Mr. Pampula said.

Inquiries by Aviation Post Correspondents revealed that that the Technical Team from the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) visited the proposed site of the University for Inspection of physical facilities to pave way for the granting of the Licence of Interim Authority (LIA) to begin operations once everything is in place.

“The Team from CHE, headed by the Chege Njine, HOD Inspection, visited the site for inspection of physical facilities and also conducted extensive consultations with Proposed University Working Team,” confirmed Mr. Pampula saying that the process was vital in paving way for the establishment of the University.

Nairobi Aviation Has launched a new interactive website. Among the new items introduced are, online results portal and a provision for comments. Individual campuses will also have unique sites dedicated to them.

Monday, 23 July 2012 17:29

We have opened a new branch at Odeon Cinema

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we have opened a new campus at odeon cinema blah blah blah

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