About Nairobi Aviation College

For over 20 years now, Nairobi Aviation College has made tremendous steps in provision of A level training to majority of Kenyans by offering aviation related courses. Among successful programmes which are offered in our branches include Kenya National Exams Council courses (KNEC) on Aeronautical engineering, Business, IT and Economics. We are one of Top Performing Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) for aviation courses
VISION- To be a center of academic and professional excellence both locally and internationally
MISSION- To produce market driven graduates who are conscious of and responsive to the dynamic challenges in the society
Philosophy- Every profession has the ability to empower
Motto- Profession is power
1. To produce qualified graduates for individual development and self reliance
2. Empower people through effective training that will translate them to serve the community to meet the industrial goals of our country
3. To offer quality ,affordable education to the members of the society with high ethical standards and self discipline
4. To supplement government efforts in training and development of human resources
5. To become an institution of higher learning with international reputation in order to curb capital flight
6. To nature talents among the youths through co-curricula activities in a bid to preserve our culture and heritage
7. To make Nairobi Aviation College an institution with a difference
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