NAC Management & Admin

The Chairman

First we give sincere thanks to God for the far that he has seen us as a community for the past 20 years since the college began. We have encountered several challenges throughout our journey with experienced personnel who have managed to pull us through and so far we are one of the leading middle level institutions.

At Nairobi Aviation our main aim is to make sure that everyone gets access to quality education. This therefore has necessitated us to adjust our programmes to suit the demands of the common man in terms of cost and convenience of fees payment.

Today Nairobi Aviation College enjoys consecration of diverse student population the country and countries across Africa which includes Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Comoros, Ghana, Guinea, Somalia, South Sudan and others .This has been possible courtesy of our quality programmes which are requested, approved and validated by the leading regulators. These students get all their information through our website or through referrals.

In this digital age there are so many students who hunger for higher learning and this makes it a great challenge but at Nairobi Aviation College we have strived hard to disperse our services near our clients for them to acquire quality education. We have branches allover big cities in Kenya.

As a community we have already launched a new Television Network called Aviation TV which is already on air in Nairobi. I am also happy to announce that we have successful initiated degree courses which will commence soon.The move to start Africa Aviation University has been sponsored by the institution itself.

In conclusion allow me to remind all our stakeholder, friends and well-wishers that life is a journey that requires certain abilities in individuals, and even as you choose, do not forget to be faithful to the society and render full services as promised.

The Principal

By any description, Nairobi Aviation College is a great college and those who have succeeded in getting the opportunity to study here are definitely a proud lot. Since its inception around 20 years ago, the institution has maintained a steady growth in all respects, to become one of the largest middle-level training colleges in East and Central Africa.

To date, the institution is a brand by itself. Over the years, the college has positioned itself as a leading center of quality training in various academic and professional fields. The fruits of the institution’s exemplary performance and success can best be measured by the huge number of successful graduates, who have secured very impressive jobs in both private and public sector. Many more have continued to shine well in the field of self employment.

Due to our resolve as an institution to place quality services on top of our priorities, our clientele base has significantly swollen to countries beyond East Africa including Comoros, Nigeria, Mauritius, Ghana and even Botswana in the Southern Africa.

For the second year in a row, the International Air Travel Association (IATA) has yet again ranked Nairobi Aviation College Africa’s top Authorized Training Center (ATC). Another ranking conducted earlier in the year by an independent global monitoring body ranked us way ahead our worthy competitors. Our wide range of courses gives both potential and existing students an opportunity to choose their best desired career path with the help of our highly qualified and friendly career counselors. As such, we have established partnerships with selected public universities where our students transit smoothly to pursue further studies.

I am also excited to announce that the proposed Africa Aviation University is almost becoming a reality. Relevant inspections have already been carried out at our proposed site in Kitale, Trans- Nzoia County by the Commission for University Education (CUE), and it’s only a matter of time before we attain the Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) to begin offering selected degree and advanced degree courses. Our goal remains to become the prime destination for Aviation Training in Africa, as well as a leading center for professional and academic training in other fields including Hospitality, Business, Media, Tourism, Engineering, Computer and Accounting.

To achieve this, we have laid a comprehensive and strategic approach to human resource and customer service policy that guarantees efficiency, effectiveness and results. We pride ourselves in attracting and retaining the most qualified and experienced staffs who have been adequately motivated to achieve this objective. The strong management team under able leadership of Chief Principal, Peter Manyuru has demonstrated capacity and the passion to drive this great institution to the next level. Similarly, our students have continued to place the institution on the national map through posting excellent performance in co-curricular activities and scooping numerous awards in drama, music and soccer.
Conclusively, I can submit strongly that NAC is the college to watch, and I take this opportunity to encourage anyone willing to study at college level to consider joining us for we are ready to walk with you all the way!

Dear Prospective Students,

Rising towards the pinnacle of success is like climbing a mountain peak. Both require discipline, focus & perseverance.

Nairobi Aviation College prepares students to become world-class experts, promotes globally recognized training & research, and strives to advance internationalization and cross-cultural understanding in local communities that eventually must address the necessity of developing the globally useful workforce of varying capacity. In order to achieve the deemed objectives as such, the college has been offering KNEC, KASNEB, IATA, ICM, City and Guilds programmes so as to support integrated initiatives for internationalization and international exchanges in its role as an academic establishment that promotes itself as being open to the world.

We welcome everyone interested to study with us, as we always say here; Profession is Power.