Educational Trips

Educations Trips

There is a popular statement; I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. The statement implies to education in its relation to educational trips. As a way to encourage students with a motivation to work hard, educational trips must be incorporated. At Nairobi Aviation College, we understand this phenomenon hence organize multiple educational trips every term for students to get a better understanding of what they learn in a classroom setting. 


All educational trips at Nairobi Aviation College are interest driven approach to improve the overall learning and development of our students. The trips allow the students to experience things from an informal environment to help them learn more effectively. Interaction between what a student can see when learning is key. More so, the trips are refreshing and entertaining. This makes a good combination of understanding and falling in love with the course a student is doing. 

As we strongly believe and have faith in the impact of educational trips, all trips are guided by the faculty heads of department to ensure that they are well organized and meet the maximum effect to the students. We mostly subdivide these trips according to courses so that students can visit or tour the most suitable

place that will help them not only enjoy but also experience what they learn being done practically. Students gain a better perspective of the world around them by going on educational trips as they are brought into direct contact with situations they are likely to come across after graduating. This prepares them in their upcoming professional lives.

At Nairobi Aviation College, this trips takes place at any given time and the school provides transport whether they are setting up around the city or away from the city. However, they may be required to pay some little money to cater for fuel and meals during the trips. Most of the trips we have done before have been marked by high discipline, fun moments and passion from the students wanting to know more. Memorable moments are recorded through photography that is done by members of the journalism club. If you are looking for an institution that will cater the need of educational trips, Nairobi Aviation College is the ideal institution you have been looking for as we know that students understand the concept well through seeing, doing and learning. We balance all this to equal the understanding of all students.

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