Student Union

Never judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. In college, students from all corners of the earth, all walks of life and from all denominations converge in pursuit of a common goal. In this regards the unique characteristics and behavior ought to be stitution will require assistance from the student fraternity itself.

Just like any other institution of higher learning, Nairobi Aviation College gives its students the freedom and democracy to vote for their representatives in the college administration. This is done in an open democratic way, where students vote in their preferred candidate in various elective positions like the president, vice president, secretary, treasures among other representations in various departments and classes. The winner is determined by the number of votes he or she gets not from any form of favourism. 

The student union plays a vital role in matters of administration as they represent the students’ needs to the college administration as well as represent the administration to the rest of the students. It brings an orderly easy and smooth way of running the institution. Nairobi Aviation College students are highly encouraged to take all their matters and needs to the student union members so that the school administration can attend to them promptly.

Other than bringing order and sanity to the institution, the student union prepares and equips students with necessary skills of leadership. Some meet their destiny and go ahead to seek elective seats in the society. The mentorship and experience they get helps them in representing people either in the county or national assemblies and other leadership roles they are accorded. Therefore, as an institution of higher learning, we are focused on developing leadership skills to the students. 

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