Talent Promotion and Internships

In a bid to ensure that our students are fully and well equipped with necessary skills to help them in life, Nairobi Aviation College partners with various stakeholders to assist students gain those vital skills. Furthermore, the college has modern facilities to ensure that students with extra abilities and gifts apart from academics are empowered in their field. We also do hire professional coaches in various sports, music voice coach and drama and theatre directors to guide our gifted students in drama and arts. There is a modern recording studio where those gifted in music, spoken word and voice overs can practice, perfect and record their creative work. 

Through such empowerment, we have seen several students emerging and perfecting their gifts and talents to become household names. We have seen our journalism students doing international standard documentaries using the facilities in our studios. Aviation Tv and radio which is part of the college, offer a perfect opportunity to the students to practice and perfect their media skills. 

To the rest of the students who haven’t discovered their other abilities are not left behind. As we had said, we have partnered with several stakeholders in the hospitality, aviation, business and media industries who offer attachment and internship opportunities to our students. Those who are lucky enough get permanent employment opportunity during their internship programme. 

Apart from the college empowerment to the students, the students organize themselves to consider the less fortunate in the society. With the help of the college staff, the students contribute money to buy foodstuffs and other basic commodities which they donate to various children’s home, the needy and the elderly. All these charities are part of the students projects which the school administration contribute on transport only. This speaks volume of the values of Nairobi Aviation College students lead by the student union leaders. The picture tells of a college that instill values to its students in recognizing other people. This helps in preparing vital leadership skill and recognizing the power of humanity. 

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