Guidance and Counseling

You cannot separate young people from entertainment. But even as you give them room to explore and grow, you have to keep them grounded and sober enough to understand too much of everything is poisonous .You have to help them attain balance between the studies, fun and life. At the college level, this is the stage where young people seek all kinds of entertainment. It is because they are away from their parents viewpoint hence feel they are entitled to go for a night out for a rave and indulge in “innocent” fun ignorant of the deadly consequences that might arise. 

While it’s almost impossible to control college students, at Nairobi Aviation College we highly value and consider motivation talks as a cause of action. The talks organized by the guidance and counseling department invites motivational speakers are meant to fuel students with positive energy with some backdrops warning against too much entertainment. With over 10 years in the higher education business, we have noted with a lot of concern that most college students take every opportunity they have to explore the world through entertainment. From our analysis, a majority of the students who get hooked up in the entertainment world perform poorly in class and life. Entertainment overrides them and they can no longer manage priorities. 

In the recent past, research shows that most of the students in tertiary level are suffering from mental disorders. Some murder their fellow comrades while others commit suicide. We have all seen it happen in our country. As a step to counter this evil, Nairobi Aviation College organize entertainment and motivational talks multiple times every semester. This ensures that our students need for entertainment is met and also the mental or career rhetorics are answered through motivation. By doing so, we are assured that our students graduate not only with the course skills, but also life skills that are vital. 

You are worried on where to take your son or daughter? An institution of distinction and one that adds value to them? Nairobi Aviation College is the ideal institution for your child to excel. Come join us today. 

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