Sports(Co-Curricular Activities)

Sports are vital to both physical and mental health. They enable us to be physically fit and flexible. Taking part in sports also helps in weight control which in turn prevents lots of weight related problems. Other than health benefits, sports offer some of the most lucrative careers in the world. We all know of the rich sportsmen and women whom we cheer in our favorite games. They live successful lives just by performing well in sporting activities in which they take part. 

Sports are included in education as co-curriculum activities. However, for any institution of learning that understands the impact of sports in human life, they include them not as a co-curriculum activity but as part of the learning process. In the learning process, students who are good in sports seem to be creative and have high IQ. 

Nairobi Aviation College understands this and therefore includes sports as part of the learning activity. Through the sports department, the college administration gives an equal opportunity to every student who wishes to take part in any sport of his or her choice. To facilitate this, the learning institution has set aside every Thursday as a sports day. More so, there is a day set aside every time for sports competition among students. During the competitions, students who are sub-divided into teams get to showcase their prowess in different sporting activities. The colorful day is marked by fun moments and rewards to winners.

By doing so, the institution believes the activities not only help students in their physical health but also aids brain power that improves academic performance. It’s also a way of rewinding and refreshment from the long hours of academia. The college has a football and rugby teams which represents the institution in inter-colleges competitions and other major championships. 

If you are looking for an institution that will excel your child in academic excellence and nature his or her sporting talent, we are here for you. We the best team of staff members ready to take that responsibility to see you son and daughter succeed.

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