Nairobi Aviation college Alumni

Welcome to Nairobi Aviation College Alumni Association, NACAA where our main purpose is to support
a network of former students who will, in turn, help to raise the profile of the college.
We aim to build a strong network that will support and complement the wider aims of the college. To
achieve this, it is worth to;
Develop a global community that can nurture a sense of belonging that surpasses borders and
encourages engagement from across the globe.
Encourage two-way communication using a dedicated platform that can provide alumni with the
opportunity to connect with one another as well as sending updates and upcoming events.
Connect with prospective students to enlighten them regarding the experience of studying at the college
and also provide them with invaluable career insights and wisdom.
Foster a spirit of loyalty which is essential to the continued success of every educational institution. By
hosting events, organizing thoughtful campaigns and talks, an active alumni association can help instil
this spirit of loyalty in both current students and alumni that graduated decades ago.
Membership is currently open to all former students of this amazing college, it doesn’t matter when you
completed your course.
In about 3 months from 15 th may 2024, we shall organise a mega reunion for all of us. This will create an
opportunity for alumni to reconnect with each other, share their experiences, and learn about the latest
developments at their alma mater.
Follow us on (Nairobi Aviation College Alumni
Association) for more details and latest updates. We will be launching a dedicated WhatsApp number
very soon to enhance our communication.

We aim to strengthen relationships between the college alumnae, students, and soon-to-be alumnae while maximizing potential in both personal and professional lives.

Membership Benefits & College Support

Nairobi aviation  Alumni members can benefit through accessing the college library on request. Register as an alumni  to enjoy this benefit

Our Alumni will be given the first priority which job opportunities with and without the college.We also assist college alumni to secure internship .Register now

Our Alumni enjoy the benefit to show case their products free of change during college open days and events.Register now