Nairobi Aviation Dean of Students

The Dean of Student Take

As a dean of students my specialized task and area of focus is generally responsible for serving as a point of information for students from administration and responding to students need. Also serve as a point between college administrators and student organizations as a student council.

My office provides and supports students’ social programs directly. Plans and directs college calendar activities related to student services and college life.

Also coordinate services specifically co-curricular activities managed through my office, where all students engage in sports, tours,clubs,societies and social programs like orientation events for incoming students and discipline related process and procedures.

The dean of students’ office also initiates academic success and monitoring students who are struggling in class. The office provides advice regarding course and distribution requirements. When serving as a dean of students, I manage the office budget and develop office policies regarding student’s life program developments. The teamwork and collective responsibility approach is the pillar to delivering gainful skills both in and outside the lecture room to our students.

Therefore, I encourage and advise my fellow colleagues in management, staff and parents to always be the role model when it comes to students’ welfare hence balancing activities and academic. The future nation building and economic development are determined by visionary education policy framework and disciplinarian of the youth who are our Nairobi Aviation College students.