School -Electrical & Electronics

Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

This program is designed to equip the learner with skills that could be used to come up with solutions to the gaps that exist in the electrical and electronic engineering industry. It also equips learners with a knowledge of the preparation of electrical designs and systems. After successful completion of the program, there are vast career opportunities for the graduates. These include the following:

  1. Electrical maintenance engineer

  2. Technical sales engineer

  3. Self-Employment

  4. Instrumentation and control technicians

  5. Radio and TV systems maintenance engineer

  6. Network engineer

  7. Web developer


Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This program is designed to provide graduates with hands-on knowledge and experience in both the theoretical and practical aspects of electrical and electronics engineering. Successful completion of the course equips one with skills in electrical maintenance, single and three-phase electrical installation, electrical machine installation electrical design estimation and knowledge in tendering and engineering services contracts. The career opportunities for graduates of this program include but not limited to the following:

  1. Hardware and software engineers.

  2. Electrical maintenance engineers

  3. Self-employment

  4. Electrical lab technicians

  5. Radio and TV systems maintenance engineer.

  6. Network engineers

Dip-Electrical & Electronics

This is a one-year course examined by the Kenya National Examination Council that targets students with at least a KCPE certificate. This program mainly equips learners with knowledge in the installation, repair, service, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. After successful completion of the course, graduates can be able to work in any electrical industry as maintenance engineers or become self-employed.

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering

   Nairobi Aviation College is well a furnished institution that offers many courses cutting across all available examining bodies.
    Of all the offered courses AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING is one of the most valuable and marketable. This course is technical oriented and majors in aircraft maintenance and design, and also issues the trainee the general knowledge on the aircraft handling and airport safety regulations.
    The college has well elite engineering lecturers that ensure the students are well taken care off both in classwork and workshop practicals. On the other end the institution has a number of companies that absorb their learners for internship and employment. Among the airlines that the are associated with  the institute are based at Wilson Airport, JKIA and Nanyuki Air Strip.
The college’s Aeronautical workshop is well equipped with modern tools and equipments for practical classes.
Apart from the college internal exams the course is a kenya national examination council series oriented and ensures one acquire the necessary aeronautical licences.
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