Each year, competent graduates are released to the job market, having attained diplomas and certificates in various categories. Having studied market-driven courses, we are confident in their skills and knowledge. A colorful ceremony is held to make this day a truly memorable milestone in the lives of the graduates.

For over 15 years, Nairobi Aviation College has held these ceremonies. Ceremonies that are like no other. They motivate the ongoing students towards completing the race which as we all know is not a walk in the park. It is a moment to reckon as well as a source of immense work to the parents or guardian. They do confirm that their bill in educating their children or kin was not in vain there are fruits to be harvested.

Thousands of students graduate from Nairobi Aviation College and its branches in Mombasa and Kisumu. After the graduation, the institutions do follow up to where its alumni students are employed to see their progress. After doing so over the years, we are confident to say that our students are some of the best performing in the job market. We pride ourselves in offering solutions to many hospitality, aviation and media industries by equipping students with the best skills. We have received various CEOs gracing our graduation ceremonies and offering to take our students as employees from the high level of skills and discipline they have posed. 

Our main aim in the coming years is to see the number of graduating students increase in our various campuses and more companies approaching us for consultation over placements to our students. The administration is keen to see this happen to continue the good legacy our college has had since its incorporation

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